Kenpo Fitness


The Perfect Blend of Self-Defense and Fitness

Students receive the benefits of a full body workout while learning Self-Defense. American Kenpo Concepts are taught to help understand the basic of Self-Defense.

Class Times:

Mon & Wed 6:30PM

Tues & Thurs 7:15PM


I lost 93 lbs in approximately 16 months through a combination of exercise and diet. I started attending the Kenpo Fitness Class at Sher Khan Karate about 5 years ago. It is a fun and challenging way to get exercise. Workouts vary each night of the week and are aimed at different areas of the body including arms, legs and core. Since everyone may not be at the same physical ability level, the workouts can easily be modified to suit each individual’s abilities. Through a mixture of aerobic exercises, punching and kicking, I was able to tone up my arms and legs and develop some muscle. I really began to lose weight when I combined the exercise with a meal replacement program. I attend at least 3 times a week and was steadily losing about 3 pounds a week while staying on my eating plan. I am almost at my goal and look forward to maintaining my weight with regular workouts each week.

- Cheryl Fusserman

I am grateful for Chris’ instructions and the opportunities he provides in his Kenpo Fitness class. I recommend the Sher Khan Karate Kenpo Fitness course to anyone who is seeking an affordable option to improve his or her overall health.

- Tom Srutek

Chris’ class has not only been beneficial for my overall health. After a long illness, I regained my balance and core strength.

- Cathy Aromando

I have a neck condition (DISH), which prohibits neck movement. Under doctors orders Kenpo Fitness is one of the few exercise routines that keep fluids flowing through my neck and stops the condition from worsening. My overall health, strength, attitude has greatly improved.

- Rick Aromando

Almost a life-long couch potato (except for brief stints skiing, skydiving, riding motorcycles and camping) I decided I needed steady exercise after open-heart surgery. Sher Khan Karate to the rescue! After three years, my health is better than it once was in my 20’s and 30’s (I am 79 now). Thank you Chris and staff at Sher Khan Karate!

- Ed Miller

I love Chris’ workout class. It’s a great workout and he does a great job of using various exercises to work different muscles. I am happy with my weight loss, which came from healthier eating and Chris’ class. I started college this year and I enjoy Chris’ class so much that I always come to his class when I am home for break.

- Ryan Humphrey